Monday, July 28, 2008

All your Digital Files. One Place. Arkiva.

With you can store, access, and share any type of digital files in one place. Including Photos, Videos, Music, PC Files, Scanned Images, and more. Users also get advanced email, Home Inventory Software, and Medical Record Software.Arkiva will also convert any old media such as Videotapes, Film, Photo Prints, Slides, Negatives, Record Albums, Cassettes, or Documents to digital. Arkiva customers get a premium DVD and a copy stored in digital format on their personal arkiva account.

Press Release
Converting obsolete media & storing existing Digital Files just got easier with the launch of THE ARKIVA portal.Coral Springs, FL, July y, 2008: Following a year of dedicated research and development, Arkiva, Inc., headquartered in South Florida, proudly announces the launch of Arkiva ( Arkiva is a secure offsite digital media storage, sharing, and conversion service with up to one gigabyte of free storage. Arkiva allows users to Backup, Edit and Share PC Files, Documents, Photos, Videos, Music, Home Inventory and more. A centralized portal, users can build a secure, personalized Cyber Home.Most notably, Arkiva specializes in media conversion services. Arkiva will convert VHS, Betamax, film reels, 8 MM, prints or other old media to DVD. Arkiva's Arkiva benefits from strong sponsorship, its Board Members and Executives bring a wealth of business and technology experience to this endeavor.Arkiva Executive Board Member, Randall L. Wood, Chairman & CEO of Coneca Properties and Co-founder of Citrix Systems says: "Finally a place to store your data, music, photos, and videos online and never have to worry about backups. Arkiva allows you to access your digital library from anywhere by either viewing it online or by downloading a copy. You can also share your digital library with family and friends. If your keepsakes are in analog format, such as 8mm movies and VHS tapes, you can use Arkiva to convert them to digital format. Also, Arkiva, provides a convenient way to order physical copies of your collection such as photo prints or DVDs. In this digital age, we now have one simple place to store, access, convert, and reproduce our personal digital universe"Arkiva Chief Operating Officer, Zachary J. Goldberg explains, "We're very excited about our launch and the extremely positive response we've received in a short time. This success is rooted in the fact that Arkiva addresses consumer needs on two fronts. The first with our single sign-on, secure, off-site platform which allows users to centralize their digital files in one location. The second is with Arkiva's store specializing in converting old media like VHS, Betamax and others to digital for safe storage." Arkiva has also received high praise from users: Peter Bota says, "I love the site! It's very easy to navigate, and makes perfect sense while surfing around. I love that the music plays page to page (most sites don't do that)."Arkiva - Secure, off-site file storage, sharing and media conversion services. Arkiva is your online Cyber Home. Up to 1 gigabyte of free storage. Backup, Edit and Share your Photos, Videos, PC Files, Home Inventory and more. Arkiva's ARKIVA store; specializing in converting old media such as VHS, Film Reels, Betamax, 8mm, Old Prints and more to DVD

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